Bra Fitting Advice

How to check and correct your bra size

Step 1: Check and correct your bra band size

Most women wearing the wrong bra size are wearing the wrong band size, in most cases, too big. A woman wearing size 36DD might fit perfectly into a 32FF or 32G after a professional fitting.

Standard UK bra band Sizes come in 2-inch increments from 28 to 46, a broad spectrum of sizes covering women of all sizes!

UK Band sizes 28 30 32 34 36 38 40 42 44 46
Tell-tale signs that your bra band size is too big.

If you have any of the above issues with your current bra size, move one band size lower to get a firmer fit on your band. For example, from 34 to 36. Move another band size lower if you also tend to wear new Bras on the tightest hook.

It's important to review your band size as your weight fluctuates to ensure you get maximum support.

Step 2: Change your bra cup size

Once you have fixed your band size, you will need to find a Cup size that can contain the entire volume of your breasts without spillage. Standard UK Cup sizes follow the sequence below; you will notice that Cup size I and Cup size EE do not exist:


The cup size on its own does not represent your breast size. The breast size is a combination of the band and cup size. A 36D bra will not fit the same breast size as a 34D.

When adjusting to a smaller band size, increase your cup size to get the same breast volume. A 36D breast is essentially the same breast size as a 34DD. These are commonly referred to as "Sister Sizes".

- If you adjusted to a smaller band size in Step 1, increase by one cup size to get same breast size. If you started as a 36DD, you become a 34E.

- If you were experiencing slight spillage on your original bra, increase your new cup size again to ensure the entire volume of your breasts fits into the cup. The 34E now becomes a 34F. 

We use this method consistently, which works better than the measuring tape method; because it involves listening to what your current bra is telling you! Everyone's body is different, and that's the beauty of listening to your own body. 

Need some help?

We offer free, personalised bra fitting advice on WhatsApp and Email if you need a little help. We focus on empowering you to know as much as possible about bra sizing so you can adjust confidently as your body changes. Complete the Contact form to get in touch with us if you need some help otherwise, visiting your nearest fitting studio is money well spent.