Bra Fitting Advice

Finding Your Perfect Bra Fit: A Guide for Fuller Busts

Step 1: Perfecting Your Bra Band Fit

Many women unknowingly wear the incorrect bra size, often with bands that are too large. For instance, someone who wears a 36DD may discover that a 32FF or 32G is a better match following a professional fitting.UK standard bra band sizes range in 2-inch increments from 28 to 46, ensuring there's a perfect fit for every body type, especially catering to the unique needs of women with fuller busts at Chayil D Plus Lingerie.

UK Band sizes 28 30 32 34 36 38 40 42 44 46


Key Indicators Your Bra Band Size May Be Too Large


If you're experiencing any of the signs highlighted above indicating that your bra band size might be too large, consider sizing down for a snugger, more supportive fit. For instance, adjusting from a 34 to a 32 can significantly enhance comfort and support. If you find yourself fastening new bras on the tightest hook, it might be time to go down another band size. Regularly reassessing your bra band size, especially with weight changes, is crucial for maintaining optimal support. Explore more fitting tips and find your perfect fit at Chayil D Plus Lingerie, your go-to destination for lingerie designed for fuller busts.

Step 2: Selecting the Right Bra Cup Size

After securing the correct band size, the next crucial step is to identify a bra cup size that fully encompasses your bust without any spillage, ensuring a perfect fit and unparalleled comfort. Our guide to standard UK bra cup sizes reveals a detailed sequence to help you navigate the sizing chart efficiently, highlighting that specific sizes such as Cup size I and Cup size EE are not part of the standard UK sizing system. Discover the ideal match for your fuller bust at Chayil D Plus Lingerie, where we specialize in lingerie that celebrates every shape and size.



It's essential to recognize that cup size alone doesn't define your breast size; the correct measurement is a synergy between band and cup sizes. For instance, a 36D and a 34D may sound similar but cater to distinctly different breast volumes due to the difference in band size. This highlights the importance of finding your accurate fit for unparalleled support and comfort.

Mastering Sister Sizes for a Perfect Fit

When you downsize your band for a better fit, remember to correspondingly upsize your cup to maintain the same breast volume. For example, a 36D has the same volume as a 34DD, illustrating the concept of "Sister Sizes." Follow these guidelines for adjustments:If you've moved to a smaller band size, like going from 36DD to 34E, you've taken the first step to a better fit.Encounter slight spillage? Upsize your cup once more, changing a 34E to a 34F, to ensure your breasts are comfortably accommodated.


Listening to Your Bra: A Tailored Approach

Our approach, focusing on the feedback your current bra provides, often proves more effective than traditional measuring tape methods. By understanding what your bra is signaling, you can make adjustments that truly complement your unique body shape.

Get Personalized Bra Fitting Advice

Need further assistance? Chayil D Plus Lingerie offers complimentary, personalized bra fitting advice via WhatsApp and Email. Our goal is to empower you with the knowledge to confidently adjust your bra size as your body changes. Fill out our Contact form for guidance, or consider a professional fitting at your nearest studio for an investment in your comfort and well-being. Embrace the journey to discovering your perfect bra fit with us, where every woman's individuality is celebrated.